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1.Q: How many floors does the instruction board support?
A: The instruction board of E9 control system can connect up to 20 car call buttons. For buildings more than 20 floors, an instruction expansion board is needed to be connected in cascade, each instruction expansion board can support up to 16 floors.
2.Q: What’s the level of safety performance for the control system?
A: The safety performance of E9 integrated elevator control system is relatively high, because the system can stop the IGBT output by cutting off its power supply immediately when the safety circuit is disconnected.
3.Q: Can the control system guarantee emergency operation of the elevator when there’s power outage?
A: (1)If the elevator is in a non-leveling position when power outage occurs, the system will automatically start emergency operation, and run at low speed in the direction of the automatically detected light load to leveling. Then the elevator door opens and the UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply)is cut off to put an end to emergency operation.

(2) If the elevator is leveling at the moment of power outage, the system will automatically start emergency operation. After automatically open the door, the UPS is cut off, and that’s the end of the emergency operation.
(3) If the power supply is restored when in emergency operation, the system will complete the emergency operation before it returns to normal operation mode automatically.
(4)When in emergency operation, the system will report fault information, prompting the user that it is in emergency operation at the moment.
Therefore, the perfect emergency operation mode of E9 control system can absolutely protect the safety of the passengers. 

4.Q: How’s the overload capability?
A: The inverter output current could reach 150% of rated power for 90s, and 180% of rated current for 5s. The E9 integrated elevator controller also has output interphase short circuit protection, output grounding short circuit protection and pass-through protection The whole overcurrent protection system ensures the safety and reliability of E9 series product.
5.Q: How is the protection performance of the controller?
A: E9 series controller has a perfect protection system, including overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection, thermal protection of rectifier module, over-temperature protection of inverter module, inverter overload protection, motor overload protection, input phase loss protection, output interphase short circuit protection, output grounding short-circuit protection, braking resistor short circuit protection, over-temperature protection of traction machine, etc. Therefore, the E9 controller is of high reliability and stability.
6.Q: Are the control board, input and output terminal functions of E9 series car top board modifiable?
A: The E9 control board has 25 input terminals, 8 output terminals, and the car top board has 16 input terminals, 17 output terminals, with all the terminals being multifunctional definable terminals. And they provide customers with more and wider options, so the customers can make appropriate choice according to actual needs.
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