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Company Culture 

  • Company Vision: We envisioned to become a leading national and international industrial group, that develops first class structure for functional integration of non-metallic materials.
  • Development policy: For the continuous growth of our company, we have adopted some specific policies like innovation and technology leadership. We always encourage new inventions in products like Rod Mill, Jaw Crusher, that benefits the company as well as customers..
  • Quality: Our company is known for its appreciable qualities like continuous improvement of offerings, honesty, customer centric policies and technological developments.
  • The spirit of enterprise: Our progress lies in our ambitions & excellence and realistic & innovative ideas.

Group Subsidiary

Various Plants


Heavy Machinery Plant

  • Base of CIC HMC
  • Engages in lifting equipments, metallurgy, building materials and large gear machining.
  • 20,000 square mtr workshop with large and medium size machinery equipments of 128 Sets, that includes-
    • 15m CNC Gear Hobbing Machine
    • 8m CNC Hobbing Machine
    • Harge Horizontal Lathe
    • Other large machines.
    • 2011- Largest M45 Big Gear Ring of the nation was successfully hobbed
    • Riveting-welding producing ability, and possess 100 Veneer Reeling machine, CNC Cutting, Electro Gas Welding, etc.
    • Production of the plant such as Mining Hoist, Sinking Hoist, Blast-furnace Hoist, etc are sold both in domestic market as well as abroad.
    • These are highly appreciated for -
      • Product quality
      • Strong technical support
      • Faultless services.

Mining Processing Equipment Plant

  • Specialized in
    • Coal and Mining Industry Washing Equipment research
    • Development and Manufacturing
    • Mining Processing Equipment Plant
  • Has strong technical force, excellent new product designing and developing ability.
  • Also can design and improve various kinds of coal or mine choosing equipment, crushing plant, screen centrifuge, etc. on demand of users.
  • The main products are-
    • Flotation Machine Series
    • Disc Vacuum Filter Series
    • Vertical Centrifugal Machine Series
    • Various Kinds of Vibrating Screen, Kibbler, Washbox
  • Years of development, plant has now build its own mining processing R&D Department and after sale service team.
  • Most of the products are widely used in domestic level washing industries.
  • The centrifugal machines are highly acknowledged by the local enterprises and are also exported abroad.

Engineering Plastic Company

  • Specialized in researching engineering plastics, its development and production.
  • It is Mechanical Friction Base for - China University of Mining and Technology, and Teaching Practice Base for- Henan Science and Technology University and Member Unit of CHEMIA.
  • More than 30 Sets of large Injection Mould Equipments and Advanced Engineering Plastics Mach Centers.
  • In 1994, first Single Rope Mining Hoist Plastic Plates were developed.
  • In 2002, GM-3 High Performance Friction Gasket passed the appraisal of Henan Science and Technology Department.
  • In 2008, WSM-3 achieved second prize in The China Machinery Industry Science Awards.
  • GM-3 High Performance Friction Gasket- single corollary product by CITIC Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., has proved as revolutionary change and have brought considerable economical benefit for the users.
  • The company provides Corollary products to-
    • Sichuan Mine Machine (group) Co., LTD.
    • Shanghai Metallurgy Mine Machine Factory
    • Zhuzhou Lida Hydraulic Machinery Co. Ltd.
    • Other main engine manufactures
  • It is the leading manufacturing firm for hoist engineering plastic corollary in China.

Castings & Forgings Plant

  • Specialized in producing wear-resistant castings that are used in large mill and crusher.
  • The company is equipped with
    • 3 sets of 5ft medium frequency furnaces
    • automatic controlled high temperature burning heat treatment furnace,
    • one group of large quenching cooling system and other auxiliary production equipments.
    • advanced spectrometer
    • dynamic load abrasion tester
  • With continuous development and research, the company has developed -
    • Low Carbon Multiple Low Alloy Steel
    • Carbon Alloy Steel
    • High Manganese Steel Products
    • High-Chromium Iron
    • And other series of hi-tech products.
  • Associated with Denmark Smith Company, the factory has developed advanced grinding machine bearing.
  • The pure static pressure grinding machine is widely used in super-large grinding machine at domestic industries as well as in abroad.

Automatic Control Plant

  • This plant specializes in electric drive and automation system equipment designing, developing and production.
  • The plant has a large electrical transmission, automation technical experts and experienced system engineers.
  • They have researched and developed digital DC mining hoist electrical control system, digital mining hoist frequency conversion control system, large and medium-sized belt conveyor frequency conversion control system, GPRS remote expert diagnosis system and other large transmission system and equipment in succession.
  • It also provides idealized factory automation solutions, which can be widely used in mine, electricity, metallurgy and other industries.
  • Depending on the perfect technology and excellent service, Automatic Control Plant has become the cooperative partner and system integrator of -
    • Siemens Automation and Drives Group,
    • GE automation company,
    • American AB (Rockwell) company,
    • Provides a full range of transmission products and technological solutions according to requirements of customers.
  • We are determined to build famous brand enterprise of electrical transmission industry in China.
  • We rely upon excellent high grade product and professional efficiency in order to become most trustworthy co-operative partner.

Some of the other plants are-

  • Hoist Accessory Plant- It is professional enterprise specialised in research, development and production of hoist accessories. It is equipped with all milling, planning and grinding equipments and mainly carries various specifications of the multi- rope friction hoist accessory equipments, single rope winding hoist and other hoist accessories. The main products are Brake, Depth Indicator, Gear Coupling, etc. The TS Series Card Set have high production performance and are highly praised by customers.
  • Hydraulic Equipment Plant- It has collection of product researching, developing, producing, debugging, installing and technology service and is a professional hydraulic and lubricating equipment manufacturer. Provides supporting hydraulic and lubricating stations, components and parts for mining hoist, metallurgy, building materials, etc. Hydraulic Equipment Plant cooperates with large and famous national and international enterprises providing perfect hydraulic system and relevant technology service for the nation's mine, metallurgy, electric power, building material, lifting, nonferrous, environmental protection, chemical and petroleum industry.
  • Installation Company- It consists of technical engineers and worker technicians, and most of them come from CITIC Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. We are highly appreciated for our standard delivery system. We aim to make ourselves a famous team in industry of machinery installation.
  • Reducer Plant- Specializes in developing and producing low speed overloaded power gear and compatibility and produces more than 100 specific gear transmission equipments for national mine, building materials, metallurgy, lifting transportation, engineering machinery, etc. The plant has established design and fabricate inspection standard system based on national standard. Hardend-Gear -Speed Reducer is appreciated both in domestic and international market.

Scientific Research and Technology

  • Grasp the present; Build up the future- We put our efforts in enhancing global heavy equipment manufacturing technology and also speed up science and technology innovations by developing new products.
  • Hoist R&D center- It is dedicated towards designing and developing quality Rod Mill, Jaw Crusher, etc. In 2011, Hoist R&D Center was awarded Municipal Enterprise R&D Department. This department was established as per the demand of the market, and has developed single-rope winding mining hoist of single-tubular and double-tubular series, of which the diameter specifications is from Φ 2 m-Φ 5 m. These are used for shaft sinking, whose diameter specifications is from Φ 2.8 m-Φ 3.6 m; multi-rope friction hoist of console of tower and floor mode, of which, diameter specifications very from Φ 1.85 m-Φ 4 m. These find applications in construction, metallurgy and mining.
  • Anti-Friction Material R&D Department- Dedicated to new metal anti-friction material research work, we engage in research and development of new metal material, heat treatment technology of anti-friction mechanical properties & anti-friction testing and optimizing the design of products.
  • Engineering Plastic R&D Department- It is municipal technology R&D Center, specialized in research and development of engineering plastics, under national industry criteria. They have obtained more than 20 patent technologies. The program "Reaching The New High Performance Friction Liner Research" managed in 2002 won the second prize of Henan Mechanical Industry Science And Technology Progress, and the third prize of China Mechanical Science and Technology. It has also achieved many other awards and is well-recognised at the international level.
  • Mining Processing R&D Department- It specializes in researching and designing coal and mining equipment and formulating process. From the time of foundation it has designed four specifications vertical helical unloading centrifugal dehydration machine, three specifications ML series vertical coal slime centrifugal machine, five specifications TWZ series horizontal vibration plant centrifugal machine at the end of five kinds of specifications, and many more.
  • Automatic Control R&D Department- Has group of technicians expert in developing electric drive control and automatic equipments.
  • Kiln & Mill R&D Department- This department enhances the practical research and changes and retrofits the driving mode feeding device and other parts according to the needs of customers. The institute independently designs a series of products such as the φ 4.2 × 13 m cement mill, φ 4.8 x 74 m rotary kiln, φ 3.6 x 6 m ball mill, etc., which are widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical,  building materials and other industries.

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