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Equipment Capacity

Machine Capacity

CIC Luoyang Mechanical Engineering Technology Co. Ltd. offers a strong machining capacity. We can produce rotary part of 250t in weight and 8m in diameter, shell part of 200t in weight and 6m in diameter and 20m in length; gear part of 150t in weight and 15m in diameter and modulus 45 for one single; shaft part of 60t in weight and 2m in diameter and 10m in length for one single.

We can supply large-sized ring and loop parts for the kiln grinding having the capacity of 10000t per day, it is able to produce φ15m girth gear and the reducer with the flank hardness over HRC57, precision GB/T10095 Class 5 and transmission power can reach 45kw.

We have various large and precision machining equipments such as:

  • 15m CNC Hobbing Machine
  • 8m CNC Hobbing Machine produced by Wuzhong
  • 5m CNC Vertical Lathe
  • 200 Boring and Milling Machine
  • 220 Boring and Milling Machine,
  • φ2m×10m CNC Horizontal Lathe and φ6m×20m Heavy Horizontal Lathe, etc

Riveting Ability

CIC Luoyang Mechanical Engineering Technology Co. Ltd. has a huge plant and outside processing bases, we have a strong rivet welding and site construction capacity. We have provided large-sized Pellet Sintering Kiln, Cement Kiln and Large Converter for the biggest cement producing enterprises in China. The equipment that was installed on-site in Chine by us was even more precise than the drawing request.

Rivet welding equipment:

  • Three Roller Veneer Reeling Machine
  • 100 Thick Sheet Straightening Machine
  • Automatic Welding Machines
  • Shot Peening Cleaning Equipment
  • Submerged Arc Automatic Welder, Argon Arc Welding Machine, Gas Shielded Welding Machine, etc
  • Numerical Control Cutting Machine, Automatic Feeding Machine

Site installation

CIC Luoyang Mechanical Engineering Co. Ltd. is involved in undertaking equipment installation projects in the field of metallurgy, mining, building materials and so on. We guarantee on time delivery and the best quality in the industry.

Casting and forging capacity

We CIC HMC are the casting and forging center of center-south China. We are exceptional in forging and the single free forging piece which weights 100t, besides, we can also roll any section ring piece of carbon steel, bearing steel, copper, alloy steel, aluminum, titanium, non-ferrous alloys, that can be of Φ5000mm and as heavy as 10t.

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